Volcán Villarica
Hovering above the town of Pucon, rises the Volcán Villarica. After a short moment in Pucon for bus-recovery, Brad and I found a cab and headed up the gravel road to the base of the ski area.
From there we started hiking around the volcano, toward where we had been told would be water. The sun was setting fast, and with a 15km to hike, this was the best water-source we had crossed.

Though parched, we still found time to do some volcano jumping.

The next morning we woke at 4am, cooked up some soup, and headed back, hoping to find time sprint up the side of the volcano.

But the morning views delayed us repeatedly.

By the time we had hoped to start climbing, a thick and soupy storm had moved in. So thick in fact that we lost the trail several times and had to blindly bushwhack up and down volcanic valleys until we ran into the ski lift and contact our ride back down. Back in Pucon, it was just a little cloudy and had no sign of the storm we had just experienced. It´s incredible the kind of weather a volcano can attract when there are no other mountains for miles.


  1. I don't remember how I found your blog but I've been following your trip -- it sounds amazing. Looking forward to more.


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