Meet Helene.
She's French. Several months ago she fulfilled her lifelong dream of travelling a long distance on a cargo ship. She boarded the ship in Belgium as one of several guests, and nearly a month later she arrived in Chile. (getting to Chile through this method is actually way (way) more expensive than a flight, so if you are seriously considering it, it better be your lifelong dream as well)

After a rainy day stuck in the hostel together, Helene invited us to go find the "secret waterfall" with her. We grabbed this map from another hostel and headed up the road. The map promised that the waterfall would be "bery beautiful," so I was pretty pumped.

The map directed us up a private driveway, and at lot 17, we followed the distant sound of rushing water into the woods.

Before descending along the trail, we decided to bushwhack a bit 'till we found a good place to cross the river.

From there you can reach an incredible viewpoint on the edge of the falls.

Hard to tell from this angle, but it was a vertigo-inducing 85 meters to to the bottom.

Back across the river, the trail requires a quick fence-hopping.

But after a steep descent, the woods open up into an enormous bowl, coated in green moss and perpetually soaked by the mists of the thin and powerful "salta misteriosa."

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