Bus To The South
Within 24 hours after a 7 hour return bus from La Serena, I found myself on yet another bus, this time headed 12 hours further south to the town of Pucon. That week was La Semana de Mechones, essentially an entire week dedicated to freshman hazing. In fact, they take hazing so seriously here that all classes after 11 am were cancelled for the week.

I think I've become dangerously accustomed to overnight bus-travel. I've got my routine down, I'm starting to really enjoy the dubbed Jean-Claude Van Damme films, and I've developed an arsenal of odd sleeping positions to use as the largely-upright seats make me sore.

However, if you manage to sleep (or at least keep the momentum from the previous day), overnight bus-travel saves money on a hostal, and it doesn't waste a day, and before no-time you find yourself, dazed and confused, in some beautiful and completely foreign place.

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