Last week I made some cena with Mallory. While meandering the supermarket, through some sort of divine intervention, we came upon a premade pizza crust stranded in the cheese section. I'm not sure how I had not even considered pizza as an option for some home-cooking. Pizza is popular in Chile, but it typically involves cheese-singles and large slices of ham. Not exactly gourmet (with a hard "t").
Great dinner. Next step is to make my own dough. Still haven't spotted any levadura (yeast) in the supermercardo.

With this dinner still fresh in my mind and my gut, pizza seemed like a great option for one of the nights with Andrew and Will this past weekend. Hoping a little competition would enhance the flavor sensations, we seperated into teams.

The Competitors:

"A Taste is Worth a MILLION Words" : Evan and Anna

"The Onda (A Radiohead Fan Floating Amoung the Palta Waves)" : Andrew and Will

Snagging a bite.

Judges Table

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