"New" Camera

Jen just visited Brad for spring break, providing me with the perfect opportunity with some free shipping from the states. In her carry-on she carried my parents antiquated point and click camera. An old Canon ELPH. Though I had to find a new battery charger in Chile (proving more expensive than what the camera is probably worth), it's awesome to have a small camera that I don't have to worry about as much as my SLR. When I turned it on, the camera tried to set the date as 2002. This might not seem that long ago, but camera technology has come a long way in seven years.
In the spirit of old technology, here's a short clip (as long as the camera will record) of Kraftwer playing in Santiago this past weekend.
For this song, they replaced the 4 band members with animatronic robots on stage (which surpisingly moved even more than the musicians ever did throughout the whole show).

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