This is long overdue. Two weekends ago I went to a Radiohead concert in Santiago. I bought my ticket last minute with the intention of going the first night, but I ended up going to both shows and having an incredible experience. These two shows were the last of Radiohead´s first tour in Central and South America.

The first night I went Saila, who is studying in Santiago. The show was great. I feel like Radiohead understood how rare of an opportunity this was for people in South America, and so they had a set list that was essentially a "greatest hits compilation." Forgive me for the photo quality. Ye ol´point n´click was the best option of camera for the weekend.

Some interesting architectural lighting on the late trip home.

The next day I met Will and Andrew (two alums from Middlebury who I had already run into a month earlier in Bariloche). Without tickets, we arrived 6 hours before the doors opened (along with the large majority of the concert-goers). Out on the street, we made stencil t-shirts.

Being persistent, and a little annoying, we were able to use Will´s asthma as an excuse (I´m not sure either how that makes sense) to be let into the "golden section," only about 100 feet from the stage. A great concert and great onda (vibe) in the crowd.

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