The Maitencillo Cabaña

Hotels are surprisingly hard to come by in Maitencillo. Rather, when people travel there for summer they typically rent out a cabaña for their stay.

Our group (of nine) arrived without any reservations or plan, only with the knowledge that (with no visible cajeros automaticos) our wallets were thin and weren´t about to change. Anna had done some research and encountered fairly high prices (around 90.000 CLP was one of the best we encountered). We were prepared to haggle.

When we arrived, we decided to shoot from the hip and go for one of the nicer cabañas we had seen, a series of thatch-roof huts climbing a beach-side hill reminiscent of something from Robinson Crusoe (above). Before the owner arrived to let us in and give us a quote, the group huddled like a team before a big game. "Aim low!" "Don´t give in!" We were ready to fight.

We decided on 60.000 CLP as the goal. From a distance, we saw the owner approaching along the sidewalk. Anticipation for the battle was definitely growing. She had barely begun describing the cabaña before one of us demanded to know the quote.

"50.000," she casually responded, before continuing in her description. Our shoulders slumped. The battle was lost. We were officially returned to bush-league gringo status.

Though the rest of us had already surrendered, Sam made a valient attempt, cutting in, "but we´re students!" "And this price is cheap," the owner instantly countered. Nail in the coffin.

I guess we underestimated how much the prices drop slightly after peak season.

Though our first large group effort at haggling failed miserably, we gained an incredible cabaña for the evening.

Beautiful views, a large deck, and we took full advantage of the kitchen, turning out a mac n´cheese feast later that night.

Josh on the balcony.
Ellie doing some number warrior.
Mallory`s hands laboring over the mac.
Though this looks like something out of Apocalypse Now, Maitencillo was completely quiet and peaceful at night.

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