Patagonia's Ideal Uses

Go to the Patagonia online store.

Find any product, and check out the "ideal uses" section of the product details.


In addition to the outdoor activity which the product might be made for, Patagonia makes sure to inform us of the many possibilities.

If you have ever wanted a perfect guide to outdoor lifestyle, this might be it.

Some of my favorite Ideal Uses:

-Splitting a Bottle of Red at the Climber's Ranch

-Café Loitering in La Rochelle

-Farmer's Market

-Going for Maximum Frontside Vertical

-Ice Fishing

-Late-season Berry Picking


-Riding Ferries


-Fireside Jam Session

-Board Repair

-Touring Monasteries in Ladakh

-Seashell Collecting

-Visiting the Botanical Gardens

-Chilly Morning Surf Checks

-Peace Rally

-Irish Coast Walkabouts


-Harvesting Grapes

and of course what seems to be the most common Ideal Use...

-Around Town

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