El Faro Monumental
The long Avenida Francisco de Aguirre links the town of La Serena to the coast. At the end of the incredibly long park stands El Faro Monumental. A lighthouse built in 1950. The avenue, stretching for what seemed like several kilometers, was eerily devoid of people.

With the exception of these dudes.

At the end of the avenue, a portion of the beach was crowded with horses, exhausted after a long tourist-season.

Like much of the architecture in Chile, El Faro Monumental doesn't seem to have a style of its own. Like a theme-park attraction, the lighthouse looks like somebody's perception of what a grand lighthouse should be. They took the image of a sturdy Maine lighthouse and sent it on a school trip to Medieval Times.

At 82 feet in height, the lighthouse has a white light that flashes every 5 minutes in order to help navigate ships toward the coast. At which point they shoot them with the cannon.

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