Train Station
If you follow the grass-covered train tracks in the center of Av. Belgrano until the end of the road, just a little farther along you will find an incredible abandoned train station.

All that remains is the skeleton of the terminal's canopy and about 70% of the concrete walls of the station.

The whole place is full of strange angles, rusty nails, and things to climb. However, the most fascinating aspect of the entire area is the graffiti.

In such potentially desolate place, the painted walls provide a vibrant energy, and a continuation of life as the structure decays.

Each corner holds something new.

The gutted walls work like a well-planned gallery, providing intimate spaces but always granting glimpses of what lies ahead.

During the entire time that we explored the site, we could not help but brainstorm of how we might use the space, and how amazing of a location it would be for hosting an event. To our huge surprise, when we mentioned this outing to a Mendozan local with whom we were sharing dinner that night, she informed us that, by chance, there was actually a party being organized there for the same evening.

I won't deny that we were skeptical as we left the road and stepped onto the pitch-black empty plot before the station, but soon we could see a glimmer of red light as the faint thump of bass beat in the distance. A once in a lifetime experience. It was a completely grassroots event. The organizers had simply trucked in some speakers, lights, and liter-sized cups of beer that they sold for cheap from one of the gutted windows. At a little after 6am, the music shut off for a short while, a trombone player and a guitarist took out their instruments and played a few Bob Marley songs, while everyone huddled around and sang along.

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