La Ciudad Abierta: Las Casas
The many houses spread throughout The Open City are the central component to the project. Each house is fascinating, and though they come together in the overall concept, each is completely autonomous and is able to stand alone.

Behind the house closest to the Mirador (first photo), I saw some white smoke hovering above the roofline: the first sign of life I had seen that day. I wandered around back and met Ricardo, who was preparing an asado. He is a professor of Industrial design at U Catolica, and has been living in La Ciudad Abierta since it was constructed in the 70s.

√Čach house is composed of completely unique building materials...

and specific respones to the sites.

This structure combined three completely different houses and sandwiched them together, like a condominium cluster with a personality complex.

Concrete forms echoing wind-blown sails.

Throughout the city, there was such variation in the use of concrete.

However, some houses strayed from concrete completely, constructed of mostly metal and wood.

Up the hill and across the highway, I found the project was more extensive than I could have possibly imagined.

As a student, it must have been incredible to bring these buildings from design to completion.

In other news: you can now reach this site at
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  1. evi, these are lovely.
    i had no idea there was such incredible architecture down where you are. you must be in heaven.

    i miss you lots. make me one of those omlettes when you get back, ok?



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